Discover the refreshing taste of our ready to drink tea with a variety of flavorful options to choose from, all designed to satisfy your tea cravings on the go.


Embrace pure delight with Lavender Creme Earl Grey.


Be it a cheerful pick-me-up, a celebratory treat, or simply a moment to treasure, this charming milk tea is your answer.


Dive into creamy sweetnees, woven with floral lavender and rich undertones - unveiling your happy place, just a few sips away.


Indulge in serenity with Vanilla Monk's Blend, a velvety milk tea that cradles your spirit.


Allow the harmonious fusion of cream, hints of choclolate, and malty richness to envelop you in a soothing embrace.


This timeless vanilla tea, far from ordinary, defines a classic experience. Yet, the true magic lies in savoring it firsthand.


Embark on a flavor journey that'll make your tastebuds groove – introducing Tango Mango.


A lush blend of green tea and ripe mango, kissed with a hint of zesty lime.


Let each sip transport you to a tropical oasis, where the sweet mango and the refreshing green tea unite in a dance of pure delight. Get ready to sip, savor, and let the spontaneous dancing begin.


Escape to the heart of the Tropical Rainforest with our exquisite blend. 


Passion fruit entwines with zesty lemon and lime, composing a sweet-tangy symphony.


Find refreshment and energy in the citrus zing. Sip by sip, let the Tropical Rainforest's flavors captivate your senses, serenading you with nature's passionate melody.